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April 3, 2015

WordPress vs Blogger. How Your Blog Host Affects your SEO Ranking?

So you want to start up a blog? Then you might wonder between Wordpress and BlogSpot, which blogging platform is better for SEO?

When you have identified a niche you want to blog about, lined up content and generally feel like you are ready to make the move, where do you start? 

The fact is, it is no longer viable to put up a blog, add in new content and sit tight as traffic comes along. Well, that is if you plan on expanding your blog, and perhaps wish you’d make some money off it in the future. Granted these two are not the only blogging platforms out there, they are by far the most popular, and for good reasons.

How Your Blog Host Affects your SEO Ranking?

To start off, Google, without doubt the most popular and powerful search engine, owns (BlogSpot). Automattic Inc owns and runs, the self-hosted version of Wordpress – there is and then there is (more on this later).

Is this to mean Google might secretly favor sites with the extension to their domain name? Maybe, maybe not. But surely enough, what you post and how you do it is what’s really indexed by search engines and thus the most important to SEO.

Here are other ways the two platforms differ with respect to search engine optimization.


Wordpress wins in terms of customization options. Both and offer more in terms of design, plug-ins, layout and theme templates. How your blog content appears to readers is a part of the many factors that’ll help you welcome them, but it may not count as a way to rank higher in search engine results.

Both and BlogSpot will allow you to set up custom links and code such as JavaScript and CSS, won’t. All three will allow you to use your own username hence blog name – this is important since you can then set a blog name that closely mirrors your niche SEO. For example, if you write about home renovations, you can choose as a blog name, and helps with search engine ranking.

Social Media and Sharing 

Wordpress wins here, seeing that Google’s Blogger kind of favors its own, Google+, which in fact, is not as popular as Facebook and Twitter. 

Wordpress links up very nicely to most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In thanks to its Publicize feature.

 These days, the more shares your posts get from social media sites, the better your chances of ranking well for SEO. Since you can’t add code and scripts to, you can’t integrate Google Analytics to check your SEO prospects which is the case with Blogger.

Mobile Integration

With most people accessing the internet from their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Google has already made the step to rank sites that so fluidly integrate their content with mobile users in mind. 

Wordpress may take the crown for design and layout options for mobile-responsiveness, but it is Blogger that’s pretty quick to load pages for mobile devices.


The reputation of a site depends on such factors as how many people share its posts, or link back to it, or comments on its posts, etc. 

Search engine optimization is increasingly depending on the reputation of sites to rank them on search engine results. 

Interestingly, both and are highly reputable sites and may even end up being ranked higher than a Blogger site.

Storage Space

Why is storage space important?

Sites that upload useful media are considered much more valuable to readers than sites that do not offer plenty of media. Such media content includes videos, photos and infographics. These forms of content end up using lots of space. 

Blogger is the best in this regard as it offers virtually unlimited storage space, thanks to its ample cloud storage facilities, for filing up all of your precious multimedia. 
In comparison, offers only 3 GB of storage space. So, if your blog is about photography, How-to tips and generally needs lots of web real estate, you will want Blogger or shell out more dollars for a self-hosted Wordpress blog.

Final Note:

  • As of February 2015, over 75 million bloggers including top universities and commercial brands managed their blogs with WordPress
  • Blogger does not reveal its number of active bloggers, but it must be in the millions also. 
  • To sum up, if you need a super easy to manage blog with lots of real estate and custom code support, is your best bet. 
  • If you are a little more seasoned in blogging, need unique themes in abundance, understand the technical bits involved in blogging or just be part of a huge community of bloggers, you will not go wrong with WordPress. 
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