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April 23, 2015

10 Tips for SEO Writing Content that Ranks in 2015

Good SEO writing always depend on writing skills and writing techniques. Any blogger should know how to structure his text in paragraphs and subheading. If your text clear and appealing, you will attract the interest of your website visitors. They will gladly share, like, tweet and comment your content if they like it.

Tips for Good Content Writing

1.Think before writing

 In order for your post to be highly ranked in Google search engine, you should have writing skills. So you need to think before you start to write. To think about what your visitors will say after they read your post or article, what will be the action and reactions your post or article can cause. Before you start to write you should write down these answers.

2. Write for readers and Optimize for Google Robots

It's 2015- nobody want to read SEO content! As a blogger you need to focus on your target audience needs, Also you need to help Google robots to find your content and this will lead to rank your content high.

3. Arrange your Thoughts 

As a blogger you need to arrange your thoughts in a logical manner, with every post you write. 

4. Overlook about Keyword Density - ONCE AND FOREVER

It's very important to use relevant keywords in your post, but use keywords by natural way. Stuffing keywords where they do not belong will probably do more harm than good. So focus on keeping your post natural instead of going for a specific predefined ratio.

5. Use Subheading

Your post should be organized in subheading. They will lead your visitors in a  quick and effective way. Visitors will be able to look into your post and to find more easily the necessary data for them.

6. Write Loooonger posts with quality content

Your post should be lengthy as much as you can. But remember, Search engines like quality and quantity as well. This mean you do not have to write long article just to satisfy search engines- try to use your imagination, knowledge, and document well before writing.

7. Update your content

As a blogger you should update your posts often as much as possible. Visitors that read your posts or articles will become interested of what you can offer them and it is not good for your visitors to access a dead blog where only they find just comments are newer.

8. Use social media to get your posts shared and noticed

Use social media to get more links and traffic to your content. Do your best to get your posts out there and shared via blogs, guest posting and forums, and the usual social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Google plus, etc..

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9. Don't over optimize your link text

Optimizing link text to match keywords and phrases perfectly used to be an effective technique for improving your ranking. Unfortunately, those days are over. Google has become increasingly aware of "link schemes" and today you will in all likelihood get a penalty if all you only use perfect link text- in Google's eyes this is a sign of intent to manipulate ranking.

10. Use Google suggest and Google trends to get inspiration

As mentioned in an earlier tip, using related keywords, synonyms and grammatical variations is a great way to make your content more relevant without stuffing keywords into the content. Use Google suggest to find additional keywords, to combine and find even more and Google trends to see the seasonal spikes and changes in search behavior.

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I will keep updating the post. If you have any other tip, feel free to share it with us in comment. And I will add it here.

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